Aster Annual Calendar 2023



The best way to predict the future is to create it. And it starts with being sustainable beings. It’s essential to be mindful about our planet and its resources before our impact changes the course of our future. Each of us plays a significant role in ensuring we leave the earth better than we found it. And the time to act is now.

Our world is not a gift to future generations, but it is we who have borrowed from them. And a small step for us is a giant leap for the future. We can start anywhere, from watching our plastic usage to finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Because small acts when multiplied by the power of a million people have the potential to transform our existence.

Here’s how we can make our planet healthy and liveable for coming generations:

1. Make steps to beat plastic:

Reduce day-to-day single-use plastics, and make it a habit not to use them anymore.

2. Save whenever there’s a chance:

Switch off electricity anywhere when it’s not in use.

3. Make Earth greener:

Encourage your friends and neighbours to plant more trees.

4. Play a role to recycle:

Segregate garbage waste to reduce landfills and allow for easier recycling.

Bring a balance between now and the future. Make small steps that can add a bigger impact to the planet’s health.

Watch this video on how you can contribute to the planet’s wellness