Aster Annual Calendar 2023



End the year of kindness with a simple habit of reconnection. Reconnecting with someone you’ve lost touch with is an act of kindness that extends far beyond a simple exchange of words. It’s about acknowledging the value of the relationship you once shared and genuinely caring for that person.


By reaching out, you can show that you cherish the individual, want their well-being, and validate their importance in your life.

Here are 5 easy steps to reconnect with your lost connections:

1. Send a Thoughtful Message:

Reach out with a sincere message or email expressing your thoughts. Share a memory or something positive about your past connection. Let them know you’ve been thinking about them and would love to catch up.

2. Make a Phone Call:

Sometimes a simple phone call can mean a lot. Pick up the phone and give them a call to check in, ask how they’re doing, and reminisce about old times. It can be a pleasant surprise and a great way to reconnect.

3. Plan a Meet-Up:

Arrange to meet in person if it’s feasible. Suggest meeting for coffee, lunch, or any activity that you used to enjoy together. Face-to-face interactions can reignite connections and bring back shared experiences.

4. Send a Handwritten Note or Card:

A personal touch like a handwritten note or card can be very meaningful. Express your appreciation for their past friendship, mention why they’re important to you, and extend an invitation to reconnect.

5. Follow-Up and Stay Consistent:

After making contact, follow up regularly to maintain the rekindled connection. It could be as simple as a periodic check-in message or arranging another meet-up. Consistency is key in nurturing any relationship.

At times, life or circumstances might create distance between us, but reconnecting demonstrates care and empathy. It’s an opportunity to rebuild strong bonds, prioritizing time, effort, and heartfelt gestures to reignite the importance of that individual and your relationship with them.