Aster Annual Calendar 2023



Readers live a thousand lives in one. Words have the power to transcend us into new worlds. It’s a means to escape your everyday life into more inspiring, adventurous and happier places waiting to be explored. Every day is an opportunity to learn something you’ve never known before. And the more you read, the more you’ll know.


For centuries, reading has been the birthplace of ideas that have changed the world. It’s an invaluable habit to create the best version of yourself and has proven neurological and psychological benefits. It’s time to bring a change, one book at a time. Happy Reading!

Here are some quick tips to bring the magic of reading to your everyday life:

1. Good books create great dreamers:

Make sure to tuck your children to bed with an inspiring bedtime story every night.

2. Gift your children the world:

Give your children books that will change the way they look at the world.

3. Great minds read alike:

Start a book club in your community to meet and interact with like-minded people.

4. Turn a new page with friends:

Make new friends by exchanging your favourite books with theirs.

5. Great books go a long way:

Make books your travel companion by carrying one every time you’re on the move.

Reading is an essential skill that was learnt from our ancestors and we should be passing it on to the future generations. Make a difference to yourself and to the world by making it a habit.

Watch the videos to know how reading helps us.