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As people grow older, they tend to live a life of alienation. Retirement or physical limitations can cause a shift in their roles and identities, leading to a despondent life. Age-related health issues or mobility challenges also restrict their ability to participate in social activities or access community spaces, leading to increased sense of isolation.

Taking care of older adults is one of the greatest acts of kindness. Older citizens have contributed to society throughout their lives, and taking care of them is a way to show respect and gratitude for their contributions. They possess valuable wisdom and life experiences and engaging with them allows us to learn from their knowledge, insights, and history.

Here are tips on how to take care of old-age citizens near you:

1. Share a hot meal:

If you have senior neighbours around, volunteer to cook a meal for them, take it over and enjoy it together.

2. Take their pet on a walk:

If you happen to know an old couple living with a pet, try doing something for it. You can take their pet out for a walk or grooming or just offer help with anything related to them.

3. Connect with them:

Spend quality time with them, lend a patient ear and tap into their wealth of experience and wisdom. Listening to their stories often provides valuable lessons and perspectives for us.

4. Get associated with an old-age home:

The best place to visit if you care for senior citizens would be old-age homes. Regular visits will help the residents with emotional support, brighten their day and reduce feelings of social isolation.

By engaging in meaningful conversations and paying undivided attention to their stories, you ensure the well-being of older individuals in unimaginable ways.