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In a diversified world, everyone is blessed with equal opportunities, in one way or the other. Despite our best intentions, most of us struggle to embrace the idea of inclusivity or to be inclusive of diverse groups. Unfortunately, people of determination are frequently overlooked or excluded.

Inclusivity means creating an environment where people of all abilities can participate actively, contribute meaningfully, and feel valued. It requires a shift in mindset and a commitment to breaking down barriers that prevent equal opportunities. By doing so, we empower them to unleash their true potential and make use of their unique abilities. At all levels of society, inclusive systems require changes. The inclusion must start at a young age.

Here are the tips to create an inclusive world around you:

1. Make activities inclusive:

Include Children of Determination in various activities and events. Consider their needs and make necessary changes to ensure their full participation

2. Bring delight with your visits:

Visit orphanages and spend time with children. Listen to their stories, challenges and dreams.

3. Foster Inclusive Communication:

Promote inclusive communication by using clear and simple language while interacting with Children of Determination. Be patient, give them time to express themselves, and listen actively.

4. Encourage play activities for all:

Encourage children to engage in inclusive play activities where children with and without special abilities can participate together.

5. Become one with celebrations:

Organise or participate in family and community events that are accessible and inclusive for Children of Determination. This can include festivals, sports activities, art exhibitions, or community gatherings that are open to everyone to participate.

By embracing diversity and inclusion, we can foster a society that recognizes and appreciates the
abilities and contributions of every individual, regardless of anything.

Watch this video to know why Inclusion matters for all: