Aster Annual Calendar 2023



Extending kindness to specially-abled people upholds the fundamental values of empathy and inclusivity in our society. By being compassionate, we not only affirm the equal worth and dignity of every individual but also create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of their abilities.


Such acts of kindness can have a profound impact on the emotional well-being of specially-abled individuals, reducing feelings of isolation and bolstering their self-esteem.

Here are tips on how to be kind to the specially-abled people around you: 

1. Respect Their Autonomy:

Treat specially-abled individuals with respect and dignity. Always ask if they need assistance before offering it, and respect their choices and decisions. Build a rapport with them to understand their perspective of the world.

2. Use Inclusive Language:

Use inclusive and person-first language. For example, say “a person with a disability” rather than “a disabled person.” This emphasises the person before the disability. You can also learn their language of communication to show your interest in their lives and the desire to be involved.

3. Include Them Socially:

Invite specially-abled individuals to social events and gatherings. Make them feel welcome by doing things they can take part in or having conversations they can contribute to.

4. Demand Easy Access For Them:

Advocate for and support the creation of accessible environments in your community. This includes accessible ramps to common areas and amenities. You can help them in activities they are passionate about, for example, you can organise a painting session for them in your society.

5. Be Respectful of Personal Space:

Be mindful of personal space and boundaries. Some specially-abled individuals may have sensory sensitivities, so respect their need for personal space.

It is essential that we break down barriers that can hinder the participation of specially-abled people in various aspects of life. Kindness towards them not only enriches lives but also creates a more compassionate, accepting, and equitable world for all.