Aster Annual Calendar 2023



We all would love to live in a clean and green environment, one that’s healthy and pollution free. But only a few make an effort to keep the environment clean. The government takes up the responsibility to ensure cleanliness of public spaces, but unless we as citizens/residents, realise the importance of a hygienic environment, it’s difficult to maintain one. Begin by taking a small step such as cleaning your neighbourhood.

Here are a few suggestion for what more you could do:

  • Work with a local civic group to identify and eliminate eyesores, and beautify the local environment.
  • Be the first one to pick up a piece of litter.
  • Organise a fun skit or one-act play for children. Through it, teach them how to dispose off trash properly.
  • Tie your trash bag at all times so that the wind or hungry animals don’t litter it across the street.
  • Plant trees in front of your building and ensure that they thrive. Cultivate a community garden in your premises.
  • Get associated with an NGO that deals
    with environmental activities.

It’s not a one day job to clean the neighbourhood. It’s a habit that we all
need to instill. Together, we can become better caretakers of this planet
we share as our home.

Watch to know what happens when an entire community has a unified goal of keeping their neighbourhood clean.